July 20, 2017


I'm talking about Jamiroquai and Phaeleh.  Both these acts have new albums out this year.  The new album from Jamiroquai called Automaton came out earlier this year, around February or March I believe.  Shit, I thought this guy was DONE with music......well, I thought wrong!  It's like his first album in 7 years, so what's Mr. Jay Kay been doing all this time??  I admit that I've listened to several tracks already from the new album and I must say, sounding quite good there.  That is, for someone whose been absent from the electronica/funk/acid jazz scene for quite some time!  Now, as for Phaeleh......he has a new album titled Lost Time which will be released during September or October.  It will be available in mostly MP3 and vinyl formats (you can actually order the vinyl ahead of time before the album is even released!)



Phaeleh's new sound is a huge departure from his Trip Hop/Drum'n'Bass/Dubstep roots but it's still a hell of a lot better than what today's "pop tarts" and "rappers" have to offer!  I'll put it this way:  It will be very innovative or sound as such compared to the commercialized crap that exists today! Jamiroquai is sounding like he's always been sounding:  Like he wants to be a "love child" of Stevie Wonder and Donna Summer!  But, anyhow, I look forward to checking out both albums from Jamiroquai and Phaeleh, maybe even work on getting the vinyl form of Lost Time.  Since I am in the process of getting a brand new record player, hey, why not?





July 17, 2017


Wamdue Project & Ananda Project happens to be the brainchild of a guy named Chris Brann. I believe he's had a couple of other partners upon the development of Wamdue Project, but he's still the main mastermind when it comes down to anything being presented by Wamdue Project or Ananda Project (or what I should be saying is, BOTH!) Wamdue Project first came out along with the height of the electronic music craze during the 1990's and the early 2000's.....then, like disco at the end of the 70's, the whole electronica scene kind of fizzled out a bit sometime during the middle part of last decade. But, anyhow, just thought I bring up Wamdue/Ananda Project being that it's one of my favorite lessor known artists. Chris Brann's compositions are just fantastic.....considering that both his uptempo and downtempo tracks are equally amazing and that he employs an assortment of vocalists that are undoubtedly very distinctive from one another. The only vocalists that I can think of that has performed with Ananda Project in more recent years would be Terrence Downs, Heather Johnson, Kai Martin, and Martha Gazman (if I said her name correctly.) They are the only singers that I KNOW of that has performed with ANANDA Project, but I think there are several others.

Chris Brann himself is marketed mostly as a house producer/remixer. But listening to Ananda Project's music (sometimes Wamdue Project too), there seems to be plenty influence from other genres and styles as well. Deep House with hints of jazz, drum'n'bass, trip hop, trance, dub, and then there's the Brazilian/African elements that add lots of depth to Ananda Projects sound. Brann himself is a native of Atlanta, Georgia (I happen to have some family who resides in that state.) So, while to me Wamdue Project may be completely rooted in the House Music scene, somewhere along the way it sounds like Brann himself may have been influenced by other electronic styles and influenced by certain types of "world music" (that term really makes me cringe!) I'll just say you can hear traces of African/Afrobeat and Brazilian/Latin rhythms bountiful in the music of Ananda Project.

And, like I always say when it comes to ❤❤music❤❤: Allow the imagery and sound to do the talking! The best tracks I've heard under the Ananda Project name so far? Let Love Fly, Secrets, Moment Before Dreaming, Fireworks, Falling For You, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Beautiful Searching, Hanging On, Space & Time, Cascades Of Colour (Sugar Love Mix), Back Of Your Mind (Wamdue), So In Love With You (Wamdue), Walk With Me (Wamdue), and I can go and on but the text would take up too much damn space! Some old school "house heads" may be familiar with some records from Wamdue Project, but make sure you check out the "twin sister" Ananda Project too!



July 13, 2017


There's this strange, fairly new online store that I just discovered that's supposedly dedicated to PRINCE.  Official Prince Music it's called, I believe.  Well, it's the only name I see for this site.  And, to be honest, it's kind of conspicuous because it seems that it's only a presentation of Prince's music from when he was chained to Warner Brothers.  I do find it quite peculiar that this site has no music or albums that came from Prince between 1995 to 2014.....that 18 to 20 year period which was the time Prince had nothing to do with Warner Bros. and he was releasing all his music on his own NPG label.  All he had to do then was just find distributors for his albums and that was it.  Getting back to Official Prince Music:  Well, it's so obvious that Warner Brothers are capitalizing off this man's death now as much as possible.  I see that they have most of his albums from a particular time period in physical format (vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and even cassettes, of all things!)  With only about 3 or 4 of the albums being available as MP3 downloads!  Like, how damn lame is that?

Personally, I feel that Prince's work and music became more interesting during the years he wasn't with Warner Brothers (1996 - 2014) and that, in my own opinion, The Rainbow Children, Emancipation, Chocolate Invasion, 3121, and Musicology is actually superior to and more artistic than what Prince has done during the 80's!  Not that I don't like any of his 80's stuff, but that is really how I just feel at this point.  And, once again, just my own opinion.  Also, check out these channels on Youtube:  Spooky_Electric_Xposed, MARY 40, Fiona3000, and The REAL Mayte Garcia (which is just a hoot!)  But, seriously, for over a year now since Prince's "passing," I've been hearing more disturbing details and updates about his death.  And so many people believe that this man's death is based on much more than just overdosing on some pain pills!

My own advice to any die-hard Prince fans out there (including myself) would be this:  Support and become familiar with a lot of his non-Warner-Bros. work from his NPG (New Power Generation) label, okay?  1996 to 2014......because it seems a very disturbing truth these days that plenty of celebrities in the music/entertainment industry are worth much more dead than they would be alive!  Just ask Prince's ex Mayte Garcia.  I didn't know until recently that Prince was trying to stop Mayte from releasing the book that's so popular now, The Most Beautiful:  My Life With Prince.  AND......she's selling and auctioning off all of this man's personal possessions, which Prince didn't even know Mayte had a hold of and even tried to stop her from selling his shit only weeks before he died in 2016!  I myself didn't even know that until recently.  The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is one happy ass widow $$$$$ right now and there's nothing standing in her way!  Including HIM......and she's best buddies with Manuela too.....go figure.







July 12, 2017


I've been wondering why I haven't been getting that many comments on my blog as of lately.  Is it because millions of people don't like music any more all of a sudden??  Somehow, I highly doubt that!  Or is it because millions of people have been so brainwashed into embracing sounds that are only commercial or mainstream?  I'm an inquiring mind that would love to know!  I was told by another person that someone would need a GOOGLE PLUS account in order to comment on a Blogger or Blogspot page.  Just make a Google Plus account so it can exist for the sake of existing?  I don't know how true that is or not, but it's just what I was told and that's why I haven't been getting that many comments for posts on here......it could also be that my traffic is still a little too low and there could be more readers.  Again, I don't know....

Yes, it is true that almost anybody could be programmed these days into liking and buying what is highly profitable.  And this includes mainstream music of course!  I mean, it's no secret.  Television, especially Reality TV, kind of ruined or even poisoned  people's brains that they can't even expand their minds beyond that garbage to other concepts or communities of genuine artistic or creative value!  Television sorely sucks and that's why I don't own one!  Then, touching back on what I've already said in one of the first 2 posts I put on here:  That only 2 or 3 percent of ALL the music in the world are presented on commercial radio and that the other 97 percent (give or take) are so buried underground or invisible you might as well say none of it exists at all!  Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Another thing I could mention right quick......is that I know so many people use blogs and social media as autobiographical platforms to air out their personal lives and the history of their existence from the moment they crawled out of the womb!  And.....I don't have a problem or issue with that.  It's just that I'm NOT doing it.  If this was meant to be an autobiographical blog, then that would be the nature of this blog.  But it's not......this is a blog about ALL things music and everything else that relates or connects to it!  So, as I've already mentioned, I don't know if you would need to have a Google Plus account in order to make a comment on this particular blog.  But, making an account with Google+ is quite easy enough, like Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Crack.  That's all I can say.

I do believe that so many people in this day and age are brainwashed or programmed into liking products or ideas that would make the most MOOLAH $$$$$ for record companies and corporations

July 9, 2017


I know lately I've been downloading plenty of digital music and MP3 files......I've been seriously thinking about getting a record player as of lately.  I really miss having vinyl records!  I remember when my parents placed those smooth black circles on the turntable back in the day and I would here Lou Rawls, Barry White, Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Rose Royce, Earth Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, Zapp & Roger, and all the greats of yesteryear floating throughout the home when I was a kid.  My parents would also listen to traditional jazz and soft rock occasionally too.  But, which would be the superior format for music today:  MP3 files (digital music) or the magical Black Circle (vinyl)?  As a matter of fact, Pearl Jam has a song called Spin The Black Circle off of their VITALOGY album, where Eddie Vedder himself sings about some vinyl record as if he's singing about being in love with a woman or comparing the female figure to a vinyl record or whatever hell that's about.

Slayd5000 - A True Vinyl Collector.......if you ask me. In all colors and sizes that you can imagine! He even has vinyl with PICTURES on them!

Anyway, there's this Youtube channel called Slayd5000 and this dude has an exceptionally AWESOME vinyl collection.  Just on a quick note, as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats the snap, crackle, and pop of listening to music (especially old school jams) on vinyl format.  Nothing beats that!  But, hey, that's just my opinion.  I would say that digital music and vinyl records are "neck and neck" with each because both formats can last quite a long time.......to take good care of your vinyl records, make sure they don't get too dusty or scratched up and keep them stored safe and sound in the album sleeves in which they came, then they should last quite a good while.  Remember audio cassettes?  Yes, cassettes played out because they don't last that long.  The tapes in these cassettes would either lose their sound quality, would get twisted up, or end of breaking apart or being eaten up to shreds by the damn cassette player itself!  I've experienced these "horrors" many of days listening to music on cassettes.  So, this format will probably never make a comeback, especially not any time soon!


So, I'll be hunting down a nice record player either on Ebay or Amazon......it would be nice if it's a record player that even comes with a built in USB drive because at the moment I have like a TON of digital music stored on a 20GB thumb drive.  I don't play around when it comes to my music.  I......MUST.....HAVE.....A.......DAILY.......DOSE!   Or I go through withdrawal, like tried and true junkie!  AUDIOPHILIA.......yeah, that's the diagnosis!   


 "SPIN.....SPIN.....Spin the Black Circle!"


I've been wondering why I haven't been getting that many comments on my blog as of lately.  Is it because millions of people don...