So, check this out.......from now on, I'll just keep adding more records and songs to my SCM Music Player and just literally let the music do all the talking.  Getting all of this traffic coming through this Blog and hardly not any comments or interactions at all??  I'm more of a marketer anyhow than I am a pro Blogger.....and I do understand that Blogs were created to be something like online diaries in the first place, so I do comprehend that.  But, this isn't about turning a Blog into a Reality TV show.  This really is a Blog about music, the appreciation of music, and those who are true music lovers, such as myself!  And, yes, I am still the prototype melomaniac!


So, you won't see that much text or words from this point on......just audio, video, gifs, memes, and so forth!  I can't do ALL the talking here, so I still don't know if it's because people aren't able to comment on my Blog.......OR, out of all the traffic that's coming through, if it's all organic or REAL people viewing this Blog in the first place!  Over 200K views!  Is it mostly BOTS??